Meditative in nature and expressive in color, the paintings of abstract artist Leah Porter emit a soft glowing tone. Her large format color field paintings represent a minimal landscape.
After graduating from art school in 1998, Porter started her first gallery space in Portland, Oregon. Enticed by the light of Baja, she moved to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico in 2006, where she opened Casa Dahlia Gallery. Porter’s paintings are collected both locally and internationally.

“It is a matter of sensitivity to color, so pronounced that colors become interior zones - fields of perception that seem no longer to be connected to the outside world, but which seek to transfer our entire internal being into a sense of color.” -

Jef Verheyen, painter (1832 -1984)

“To abandon objectivity is a powerful reminder of how it feels to be in a state of trance. You become enveloped by color; exterior space becomes interior space, and you no longer distinguish the single dimensions. Everything becomes transparent and in the silence that surrounds, you are ready to receive.”

- Jef Verheyen, Color Field painter (1832 -1984)